Style Your Dress

At 24, I feel I am still in the middle of no where. I mean, I have future plans but I am still in the "not getting there" stage. Well, of course, we don't get right there and there, it is a slow and long process and we just have to keep on trying and get experience but what is important we learn from it. Right?

I want to have a stable job already, start my own business but na-ah not there yet. Actually, I am thinking of what business to start and remembered my online shop before. I searched for shops that will inspire me and I bumped into this shop, that provide high quality at the same time unique design.

New Pieces To Love This Summer

Drawstrings, midrib, aztec prints and varsity shirt are just one of the trendy styles at the moment. 
So I want to treat you this summer! Ready?

All The Maybes Baby

Life is too short to worry about all the maybes. Smile!

Winnie To Win The Spotlight

Belated Happy Mother's day to everyone! I hope you all young ladies made your mommy happy. How did you spend your day with her? We'll never know, your momma might surprise you as well on your prom with two piece prom dress. Yay!

I know we girls love to dress up everyday. So, what more if you will attend your prom? Agree? Of course, we want to be the spotlight during that night. I heard Winniedress offers inexpensive two piece prom dresses from their latest 2016 collection. Let's check it out.

It Matters To CocoMelody

Yay! I'm not sure yet if I'm back in the blogosphere world but it's one of my plan. I'm quite amazed with people who are getting married this year. Is it really the year of the wedding?
Why don't we ask some expertise with Cocomelody for that? Or are you one of the bride-to-be this year? I myself is very excited for this kind of occasion but nu-uh, i'm not getting married yet soon. But really, we will never know.