Fashion is my Passion ❤

I rarely punished my feet with those platform-y, chunky, killer heels! I usually pair my everyday outfit with comfy flats or wedges. It makes everything less complicated. Nowadays, i usually wear simple tank tops in a neutral tone to let printed shorts/skirts do the talking or vice versa. Teehee *.*

Here are some of my usual outfits.

Loose top + Shorts, Blouse/Tee + Jeans

If you will ask me when did i start to love fashion? As far as i could remember, It started year 2010 when i knew about Tricia GosingtianShe inspired me to dress up, mix and match simple to formal outfits. 

Fashion is generally expensive, but style is not. The way you put things together is what makes you unique- Tricia Gosingtian replied to one of her fan.

I totally agree with her. It's not what brand are you wearing but it's how you put things together! Pick clothes that make you feel comfortable in and whatever that strikes your mood because confidence is about feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Always remember, You can wear whatever the hell you want at any time and people will fawn over how amazing and adorable it is! x