We all have our first time ﺕ

 Finally, i have decided what's my first post on this blog. My first ever look with over 100 hypes on lookbookPatricia Tan *blush* I know it’s not as much as other people have on Lookbook but 100 is more than I expected! Hihi

Photography: Rhea Tan Bue, Make-up: Rhea Tan Bue
Post-processing and styling: Rhea Tan Bue and Yours truly, Model: Yours truly

(Floral Dress, Purdyy Socks, Janylyn Heels)
Hype my look on LOOKBOOK.nu: 062011 Thanks!

For all of you guys who have hyped my lookbook looks, you guys are simply amazing! This was really simple but i’m flattered much. I owe you big time! 

Oh by the way, let me tell you why i have this blog. It's Rhea Tan Bue's fault. Haha! Just kiddin' but she's actually the one who influenced me to make this blog. Follow her, she's ahh-mazing! Til' my next blog. Goodnight guise! ♥