Taking you back to my childhood days

Sometime in our lives, we wish to go back to our childhood life. Who does not miss the childhood days?  It is good to reminisce our lovely childhood days. Way back before, as a child we are free from thinking so many problems. 

As a child, we have only three task to follow and these are eating, sleeping and playing. We are free in our own world and it is always good to be a child.  It is inevitable that we grow up but that does not mean that we lose sight of our childhood memories. There is always a child in all of us!

Meet my childhood friend, Lyka Magno. I treated her a free photoshoot. Nothing, just wanna explore more with my baby A.K.A. my DSLR. Here are some shots!

(Photography: Meryll Catalan, Post-processing, styling: Yours truly, Model: Lyka Magno)

How about you? Missing your childhood days? Tell me more! :)