Baby, I think I wanna marry you ❤

WARNING: Heavy image post ahead!
First of all, I don't know if i should blog this...but but i wanna share it with you how i earned my first
salary.  Do you sense how i earned my first ever moolah and what's with my blog title? Teehee 

Before anything else, Lemme ask you did you ever ask yourself when do you want to get married?With whom? Where? How? Haha so many random questions popped into my head.  

To cut it short, we covered a church wedding and  moooooolah  I was very happy when i found out that we're getting paid for it Check out my set and tell me what you think?  
So kyooooot lil' kiddie 

 You may kiss your pride!  Isn't that just the sweetest thing? 
A perfect timing for me! Aye 

Robert and Emz Fairytale ♥

(Photography by yours truly)
How was your day? Hope you like it! Xo, Goodnight ♥