Fashion Shows, Runway | Ang Huling Rampa ♛

 WARNING: Heavy image post ahead!
 If you've been following my blog, you can notice it was like the continuation of my previous previous post. But they did another event and it was entitled SHOWDOWN 2010 - The Huling Rampa. If you're not familiar with what i am saying, you can check it here: Top Fashion Designers of Zamboanga City 

Designer: Frederic Rodriguez
Designer: Usni Sali

Designer: Angking
Designer: Joe Harris Kari
 Designer: Altom Tiubot
 Designer: Geronie Labora
Designer: Al-shamer

(Photography by: Yours truly)

Pardon me for the very heavy images  I just wanna share all these to you. Every designers deserves a double thumbs up for a job well done!  Hope you all enjoy and like it! 8 days to go before Christmas! Xo 

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