Sweater + Stockings

How's your Sunday everyone?  Some scenes you will encounter these past few days are traffics, long line at the cashier,crowded places and etc.  People are so busy buying stuff for their love ones because of the holiday season! Did you hit some stores already? If not yet, you still have time to hit all the stores and have everything wrapped and ready-to-go on the big day.   You have 7 days to go before Christmas! 

Let's take a break! I'll share you some photos of mine during our shoot with  Rhea BueAngel Bugarin, and Chelsea Catingub Behind the scene photos. Pose pose and pose that's it! 

Photography: Angel Bugarin, Make up: Rhea Bue Post-processing, styling and model: Yours truly
(Dots Sheer Sweater, WAGW Lace Stockings, Five by five Strappy Wedges )

That's it for now! We're all busy for the Christmas Parties and all! So excited, how about you?