Thrilla moments

WARNING: Very heavy image post ahead!
Just wanna share to you my thrilla moments! It's my first time to travel alone without my family   I so love adventures and all. haha Let's start.:down:
Day One
My friend Jeneth fetch me in the airport, i call her dichi 'cause she's like a sister to us   We went to her condo right away to leave my things and decided to go to Star City to meet Meryll, her sis and Mom. 

Met some Dichi's friend in the condo! Their all in black. I'm pretty in Pink! Meh! 
Here they are! Meryll, her sister and her mom 
Scaryy! We went there November and it still Halloween 
I super love bumper boat! We tried this and having fun like a kid! 
He loves this shot very much. So purdyy isn't it? I can't help but agree! 
Day Two

I just simply love the very huge Christmas Tree in the condo and i just love the walls 'cause it's almost all mirrors even though inside the elevator. Haha! Cam-whoring everywhere.  

Hey! Spot the knot! Haha It's with our hairrrr! We had curl-ed our hair permanently! Thanks to that Korean Salon located in SM Megamall! I forgot the name already. Sorry!  As you can see, Me and Meryll are in todo- outfit look. haha We're heading to Manor Supre Club to meet and Party with Chelsea and her friends! From Mandaluyong to Quezon City's nightlife!  We went home around 2am i think and feed our hungry-tummys in Wendy's! 

Day Three
We went to Ocean Park and had fish hopping?  haha So amazed with the place! There so many different kinds of fish! I want to share some of the photos but i don't wanna "overflow" my post. haha So lemme know if you want it, i'm going to blog if you want  Sad to say this is our last day. 
This is what i'm talking about the mirrors inside the elevator! 
Francis went with us!  He's our photographer that day! haha :uptum:
We tried riding a Kalesa because we're curious! We paid 100 box each! BADTRIP 

Thanks to Francis for accompanying us and for being our photographer! haha 
Hype my look here:

Flying solo: have you ever tried travelling alone? How was it? Share your experience! 
By the way,  Life is wonderful therefore let's not waste every second! God bless Mindanao!!