Florals on florals

Home from (C)elebrities Christmas Party! T'was super uber FUN! :uptum: One on...uhh i mean two on my wishlists came true and it's all because of Chelsea Catingub! OMG! I was so shocked when i knew i was her Manita. AS IN! No idea at all. She's the best!  But of course, it wouldn't be complete without Angel & Rhea <3 Love them to bits!  Gonna share some of the shots next time but i'll leave you with another set of photos that was shoot with my girls! Enjoy! :down:

Photography: Rhea Bue (Clickr), Make-up: Rhea Bue,
Post-processing and styling: Rhea Bue and Yours truly, Model: Yours truly
(Floral Dress, Purdyy Socks, Janylyn Heels)

Hope y'all enjoy your Tuesday! Ciao