★ A night with the (C)elebrities ツ

Bonjour! If you read my post yesterday, I was talking about my (C)elebrities Christmas Party, right? Can't wait but share to you some of the photos. So i grabbed some of the photos from my classmates camera 'cause i only took a few shots! Sarrry ;) 


I was very shocked! We're all asenso!  XD  
With my honeysss 
A night  with my (C)elebrities  Lookie there's a littol boy out there! FIND HIM! 

More photos from the littol boy  

Isn't he just the cutest baby ever?  
Had super blast with 'em! Haven't post very heavy image 'cause i'm too shy to bore you  haha
Help me reach my hit counter to 3000 before Christmas *crossed-fingers*
Anyway, Four days to go before Christmas Day! Let's all keep safe!