An angel sent from above...

Haven't blog since yesterday. Sorry, i was too busy! Eek.  Yesterday we had our Seed Interactive Christmas Party and I had a blast! AS IN  And today, I just got home from work. I feel EXHAUSTED eh!  I think tomorrow, Imma do a last minute Christmas Shopping 

Moving on, Can you guess what's with my title? I doubt! Haha Here it goes.... My post is about my enemy slash my friend slash my best friend, okay okay enough with the slash~es! She's my sister.  Before anything else i'll tell you ahead that's she's really my sister by blood. Haha   You might wonder why i'm telling you this!  Tadaaa! Meet my sister :down:
Isn't she gorgeous? A china doll  

We're too different right? haha
This was taken before her Acquiantance Party. I recommend Rhea to do her Hair & Make up. It's Fabulous! Perfect!!:uptum:Thanks to her! 

(Photography, Make-up: Rhea Bue, Model: Phylicia Tan)

My sister is my forever friend