Ruffles x Florals

Just a quick quick post! Before anything else let me greet you a Merry Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Papa God  How's everyone? Enjoying your Christmas? If you'll ask me? I was indeed happy, very happy! I had a blast with the family! Little Kiddoo had their own "Manita-Manito" as well as the adults! Isn't that fun? 

Imma share you my Christmas outfit soon~ish! However, Gonna show you what i wore last Tuesday during our (C)elebrities Christmas Party! 

(Nipon Studio Oversized Knit Sweater, Stripes Ruffles Blouse, Floral High Waisted Shorts, Janeo Wedges, Accessories from Thrift Store)
(Photography: Rhea Bue, Style Processing, Model: Yours truly)

I was planning to do just a quick post then i should fix something in my boudoir but aye suddenly Gandang Gabi Vice screwed it. Eek!  How was you Christmas as of the moment? SHARE! Enjoy everyone 

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