The true spirit of Christmas is love ❤

WARNING: Heavy image post ahead!
Here i am, blogging at this very moment. But aye i just need to rant for updates! Imma share to you what happened to us yesterday during our Family Christmas Party! We decided to eat our dinner first then rest for awhile then started Kiddoo's Manito and Manita! Yes, We had our separate exchange gifts for the adults <3
See some of our photos :down:

Little Kiddoos 
We're ready to cha! 
Look! It's Dada, Mimi and littol Kian! Happy Family 
Start of Kiddoo's Manito and Manita 
Opening of gifts! You can see how kiddoos enjoying their Christmas! :uptum:
Grown-ups turned! Adults exchange gifts 
Sister with my lovely Tita! (She's not okay as of the moment) 
Me with daddeh dear! 
Kian's first Christmas! Thanks for all the presents! 
Angel and Beauty dropped by the house just to see the littol boy! 

Enjoyed our Christmas Party! It's been one hell of a party with ze family! 
Thank you Lord for all the blessings! Happy Birthday, Papa Jesus! 
How's your Christmas? It's four days to go 'til 2012!