Our first...

Yesterday, 29th of December was Zamboanga Bloggers United! We enjoyed every minute of being there, indeed enjoyed as we chit-chat with each other and all.  New faces, New friends! I can say now, it's a happy ending 2011  Meet some of my fellow bloggers :down:

 Rhea & Michelle! Pretty ladies 
April's Lomo Diana amazed me! Isn't that the cutest thing? I want one 
L-R: Michelle, Me, Hana, Angel and Patsy
L-R: Angelica, Mae, Czar, and April
Me and Jane
Jane and Angel 
Patsy and Angelica! Such a purdy girls!
This was taken by 50mm lens and i really want one on my 20th *fingers-crossed*
I took this earlier. Everyone is not yet around. Anyway, i'm happy to meet you guise! Had fun sharing the same thoughts! Gonna share my look later!  Have a nice day ahead! Xo