Faux Furrrrr

I have decided to make another post for my outfit i wore yesterday in Zamboanga Bloggers United 'cause i don't wanna flood you with photos!  Anyway, what's with my title? haha It's all because of this fox fur tail with me! It's the cute-sy stuff i received from K last Christmas  The first time i saw it, I told him i want that for Christmas! Tadaaa! I was just so happy 

Ofcourse! I didn't wear this strappy wedges the whole afternoon! I changed to flats right after taking these photos  I always make sure to wear comfortable shoes or clothes!
Cianelle Cross Studds and Mustache Connector Rings

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you’d prolly know how much I love connector rings! I'm going loco over it! It's so purdy! 
Fox Furr Tail from the boyfriend | Rhea's Harlow Necklace
Metallic Sheer Top | Silk Lace~y Bottom from the Thrift Store
Nothing is more comfortable than this metallic sheer top and Silk lace~y bottom I got from a Thrift Store! Yes, you heard it right! I got it from a thrift store and it's worth it! Swear! You must try it!
Five by five Strappy Wedges

By the way, Help me reach 200 fans in Lookbook before 2011 ends! Thanks in advance. :peace: Imma share to you tomorrow what i bought from the Thrifted Store! Twiddle your heels! Xo