Oversized x Metallic x Denim x Sheer x Silk

For sure, you're all excited and busy preparing for New Year's Eve! Me too but lemme share to you something!  Finally, I had the chance to take some photos what i bought during our thrift shopping Last Tuesday! Annoying title! Sorray i can't think of any that describe about my post.  Tara let's start! Honestly, I got everything for only  around $7 (P280 to be exact)!  It's not the brand or how expensive your things are but it's the quality and how you mix and match together! It's also depends on how you carry it. Okay okay. Enough. haha Check it out :down:

Metallic Sheer Top and  Floral Silk Top for only $1! (P20 each)
Oversized Printed Tail/Fishtail Top | Printed button-down cropped top for only $1! (P20 each)
Oversized Floral Denim Top | Leopard Tank Top for only $1! (P20 each)
Silk Lace~y Shorts for only $4 or less. (P80 each)

Everything from Thrift Store!
It's an amazing resource for getting great, high-quality, unique and inexpensive clothes! Don't forget pick up anything that catches your eyes. Look for hidden potential in items. Would an item be stunning after you clean it, polish it, work it into the right arrangement, or fix it up a bit? Be prepared to dig! Thrift shops are full of items and many are disorganized. Don't be discouraged by this, because if you dig, you can find some fabulous pieces. 

Hope you all enjoy my 2011 last post!  Goodbye 2011! Much love, lalalaPatricia 

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