Just a quick post again! As we all know, it's our midterm week.  So i can't really stay long in front of the lappy.  Today I will share to you how i started my day! Last night, I waited 11:11 and wished for something. As i was studying, I was waiting for the clock to strike 12 but unfortunately K didn't bother to greet me!  After awhile my mom knocked on our door and telling me to go down. Hmmm. While going down i saw these on the table. :down:

Balloons, Cake and a bouquet!  
Kian woke up and i right away carry him downstairs and pose pose pose! 
Blowing the candle 

Achi and yours truly! 

Meet my family! Thanks for the surprise! I didn't expect it! I love you so much! 

I will update you what happened to me the rest of my day tomorrow! 'Til here guise!
Xo, lalala