Sheer on Sheer

Today is nothing day for me. I'm so bored and tired even though i did nothing the whole day.  Oh c'mon! Can anyone give me an inspiration pill? I badly need one!  I got 3 exams tomorrow and haven't study much.  

Anyway, i will just share to you this simple look i wore yesterday during my day! I just love the sophisticated look in me.  From floral head dress down to strappy wedges! :down:
DIY Head dress | Saranae Sheer Top | Olivier Strelli Floral Skirt from Mum

Bayo Braided Belt | Thrifted Connector Ring
 Strappy Wedges
I love kooky looks, but i opted for totally demure get-up and i'm loving it! 
I just love the bow ring! When I first saw this? I right away grab it! 

 This purdyy 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' shades strikes me a lot!   It simply fits my outfit! :D And did you notice my sparkly nails? I just love it!  

By the way, I also wanna thank everyone who has supported from the very start. Almost 5500 hits and almost 300 unique hits already!  Thank you so much! Until here guys, I need to hit my lectures now. As in pronto! Ciao! Wish me luck ! 

Xo, lalala