DIY: Head Dress

Finally! Hell week is over BUT I should get ready for the result next week!  Eek! Anyway, I'm excited for tomorrow! Haha  *fingers-crossed* Post birthday celebration and cheers for midterm's result!  Tonight, I will share to you my my supposed to be 1st DIY: Head dress. Just a simple head dress. Materials and steps here .:down:

Things you need:
  • Wires
  • Tape Measure
  • Beads
  • Mini fake flowers
  • Large flowers/brooch
  • Gluestick and lighter (Optional) 

  • Measure the desired size of your head.

  • After that, fill the wires with beads.

  • After filling the wires with beads, it will look like this.

  • Now, Twist the mini flowers then wrap it out around the wire.

  • Until it will look like this. tadaaa! :down:

That's it! Voila! You're done! I kept it simple 'cause i don't wanna exaggerate the simplicity of the pretty mini flowers. weh? haha Didn't use the large brooch 'cause if you remember I made another one for my little cousin. You can check it HERE! Hope you like it. My very simple DIY Head dress! Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!  'til my next post! 

Xo, lalala