Last Friday Night!

It's been days since I updated my blog. Omygolly! I MISS YOU, BLOGMATES! Chos!  but seriously no bola!  Well, where should i start? Last Friday, I decided to celebrate my post-birthday celebration with my girls.  I planned to treat them to pizza but ya know *mood swing*, I treated them some drinks and *pulutan* instead! 

Before we went out, Ropa gave me this! THANK YOU 

Sorry for the low quality. We took it using our celly! Desperate much! :peace:
 French Fries! Nom nom!
Chicken skin! So yummy! 
A clearer photos! Clap clap! Thanks to Rhea!

 L-R: Angel, Me and Ropa!

 With my girls! I so missing them! 
Meet the boys! 

 You never know what you'll get, but you can be sure it will be worth while. Spending time with them is like therapy! 

It was Katy Perry's concert tonight! So, I have decided to pick one of her songs to be my title for this blog post and since I celebrated my birthday last Friday night! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Just a short post! Enjoy! 
Xo, lalala