Myi-myi at 18th

After celebrating my post-birthday, of course it's time to make *bawi*! Last Saturday, another girl named Myi-myi turned 18! I love the concept of her debut! <3 So many surprises! Being one of the photographer, I was also touched and felt like I was happier than the debutant while everyone surprises her! 
I love the lipstick! It's like a matte glittered lipstick! So classy and the color made the whole look old-style! That's what i love the most!

I don't know where she got or who did the design of her gown but i like how it's similar with her profession. It's like the apron we used during duty days! 
These sequins made her look so elegant!
Her bouquet and center piece on each table!
The setting nailed it! T'was very 80's or should i say vintage-y!
Upon entering the venue there's something nibble! Nom nom nom!

Why don't you grab and dip a stick-o on this yummy chocolate fountain!
The debutant was so excited to blow her 18th candle!
A bow cake with a bling(?) on top of it. Mind you that cake was surrounded by a mini cupcakes!
The debutant was watching a video greetings from her friends and family!
This little kiddoo made my heart beat fast! Can i just go back into my childhood days and grow old with this handsome boy? 
A scrapbook made by the debutant's boyfriend! Sweet!
The last photo i took while the debutant was enjoying the game given by the emcee. :)

'Til here guise! Hope you'll are enjoying your week! :)

Xo, lalala