Anyo Bente Dose

Here's what i wore to welcome 2012! I don't have any polka-dotted clothes, so I decided to wear a red dress. 

I'm so confused as to which of these two pictures to post, so i posted both! 
Bijoux De Lou's Adorable Connector Ring
DIY Head Dress | All That Jazz Dress from Mum | Michael Antonio's Heels

Imma share to you what we had last New Year's Eve!  Just a simple "salo-salo" with the family made my New Year extra ordinary!  2011 was indeed FUN.  Despite all the challenges in life, I'm glad that we were able to overcome all of that! Through thick and thin it is!  
I forgot to picture the oink oink alone! haha Anyway, Hotdog Marshmallow On Stick! 
Spaghetti and Pansit for long life. 
Loaf Bread for...for... the Pansit 
Fried Chicken is always present. 
Who don't love these mini Colorful 'Puto' and Cupcakes? No one! 
L-R: Achi, Mum and Me with little Kian. 
Wait up for my simple DIY Head Dress tomorrow! Did you notice the date today? It's 1.2.12!