DIY: New Year's Eve Head Dress

Today is just a lazy day for me. My research~mates went here, We fixed our research paper and chit-chatting with each other. Funny because we shared a lot of "teleserye" thing.  Anyway, let's move on... I'm feeling sleepy already. 

Actually, it's not the head dress that i want to share but this one was made by yours truly for my cousin! As you can see on my post here, I was the one wearing it 'cause while doing this I realized it fits me well than her! haha bad cousin!   Anyway, it's just a simple head dress *swear!* even a grade school student can do it. 

To start, these are the things you need:
  • Old Head Band
  • Mini Brooches
  • Wires

  • Pierce the mini brooches with wire

  • Repeat until the entire headband is covered, make sure that all mini brooches face outwards. (You can use as many brooches as you like)

  • Twist the end of wire with mini brooches then wrap it out around the headband!


A simple head dress that will sweep you away 
Classes resume tomorrow! Have a lovely night everyone! Xo