Connect + Rings

Hello, 2012. Or, should I say, "Hello Uniform."  Today was our first day back for 2012. I had a rough start.. I didn't get up at the normal time, I hadn’t slept much the night before.  But i was so happy! Why? 'Cause our PolSci teacher didn't meet us, It's not a cut-class for us!   Angel and Rhea went home with me to have a short nap? It's one of our daily routine!   Blah blah...Let's talk about my blog post instead!

After my class this afternoon, we decided to go and buy a birthday present for Chelsea 'cause its her big day tomorrow! Goo on greet her!   And went to a thrift store to buy a planner and other stuff. I ended up buying these rings...oops not all of these but i'm sharing you my ring collection. ENJOY! 

If you've been my previous readers, you may have read about "i love wearing connector rings". Check it here. :down:
Not only connector rings but i also have single ones. 
A "LOVE" single ring and A heart connector ring!  These are the rings i bought awhile ago! 
I noticed, I bought "LOVE" and a heart shape. Am i in love or what? LOL 

New rings added to my collection! 

Ohh, before i forget, another good news! My Hit Counter reached 4000 and my Lookbook Fans reached 200 already. Yey! Thank you everyone! :uptum:
And did you notice my new header? It was made by Patsy. Well done! THANKS A BUNCH!  Have a happy week ahead everyone! That's all for now folks until' my next post! Xo