Wishlist 2012

Since last night, as I was thinking what to blog, there's so much ideas popping into my head and now I decided to share it to you my "wants-stuff". 

As of the moment, these are my 2012 (January) Wishlist though i have some but i want moreee! I'm dying to get one  I'm so "maluho"!   There's nothing wrong with daydreaming a lot.  As long as I know how to control it. agree?  Enjoy! 

Button-down sheer topSheer Button-Down Blouse

Untitled #7

Blazers and Body Bags

Pleated Skirts
Scallop Shorts & Pleated Skirts

Maxi Skirts x Trouser
Sheer Pleated Maxi Skirts & Palazzo Pants
More Accessories
2012 Wishlist

Detachable Collar, Tassel Necklace, Nude Pumps, Wedges and PRIME LENS! :peace:

I'm thinking to DIY some stuff on my wishlist like the tassel necklace, detachable collar and etc. 
 I know I may not have everything but I have more than enough How about you? What's your 2012 Wishlist? SHARE!  That's all for now! Xo, lalala