Floral x Plain

Just a quick quick update. This was supposed to be my post yesterday but we had a date. *LOL* We just watched "What's your number?".  Nothing's sweeter than spending lil' time with him!  okay enough with the cheezy~ness! 

We did thrift shopping yesterday with Patsy, Angel, and her sister! Me and Angel were not planning to go but i thought of Patsy because she's leaving tomorrow. So, We decided to accompany her before she leaves.  Good thing, 'coz today was supposed to be our 2nd meet up (Zamboanga bloggers) but unfortunately something happened!  I didn't have the chance to see her and the others girls. Anyway, Anyong ha seo, PatsyHave a safe trip!  

Anyway, let's move on. I'm going to share to you my first ever outfit this year.  I'm thinking of a floral top, belted shorts, harlow necklace, mustache ring, wedges and a handy bag. :peace: Check it here. :down:

Thrifted Floral Top | Shapes Belted Shorts |
Rhea's Harlow Necklace | Cianelle Mustache Connector Ring

Secosana Bag | Janeo Wedges

Hope you like it! I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend! Tomorrow's Monday, Say hello to school!
Xo, lalala