What's in My Satchel?

Actually, I really don't know what to blog 'cause in my list i should have blog about the 2nd Zamboanga bloggers meet up and my supposed to be outfit for that day but unfortunately I need to absent myself.  To cut it short, While I was thinking what to blog something popped into my mind. I wanted to share this to you but i always forget it. 

I am actually eyeing on this bag ever since i heard about it. :peace: Finally, I bought one for myself! Who doesn't love a satchel bag? It is the perfect sturdy purdy bag to bring around! Not to mention how sleek, vintage and chic it looks.  Definitely perfect for university! :down:

This satchel is just perfect for me! :uptum: I can just stash my stuff in and go. 
 Also, since there are no pockets or compartments inside the satchel, it's easy to find things that I put in. 

Let's check it out one by one! :down:
My Planner 2011! I'm going to share to you my 2012 Planner soon~ish! 
My CORONA CLASSIQUE Steno notebook! I just love the simple but classy look of this notebook! 

 I love this  Victoria Secret Sunny & Happy Body Mist | Handy dandy Pure Seduction Lotion! 
Pencil Case| Two Wax Marker | Pink Ballpen | G-tec Black Ballpen | Sticky Notes! 
Blackberry 8300 x 9300 | Samsung Corby II 
My wallet and coin purse but i rarely bring my wallet in school. Just my coin purse will do! 

My mini polka make up kit!  No, it's not what you think!  Just my everyday use.  I seldom bring this 'cause it makes my satchel bulky. Haha 
L-R: Ever Bilena Concealer| Maybelline Eye Shadows | Nude Lipsticks | Myra E Lip balm
Mary Kay Lip Gloss | Elf Lips Shiner | Fashion 21 Blush On

Can you see the mini bottle located in the upper right of the picture? It's an essential oil that treats any minor aches like headaches and etc. It helps! I got it from my grandmother! :uptum:

Voila! Hope you enjoyed my "What's inside my Satchel?" post! 'Til my next post! 
Xo, lalala