When Marydyn turned 18

Hello! I missed blogging! Yesterday and today weren't that fun at all because we had loads of exams but I made my day interesting by buying some materials for my "DIY" Tassel Necklace. :peace:  I supposed to share the step-by-step tonight but unfortunately my baby (D5000) is not around! He's working without me! Yes! Like a boss! 

Moving on...I will share to you our last covered event (debut) last year.  My baby (D5000) never failed me.  I was using 50mm-200mm lens for this set. Jouir! :down:

The debutant gave everyone an amazing introduction! :uptum:
Meet her parents & siblings! 
 the debutant started her first dance with her dad and ended with her brother! 
The sequins added a little drama. :uptum:
L: 18 girls were lighting the debutant's 18 cupcakes.  R: Debutant's ready to blow 18 candles. 
The Cotillion. 
One of the 18 treasures. She's pretty! 
Last shot i took before i left the event! 

How's your week? It's weird & a little unfair how everything changes so fast. we're having our midterms next week. Eek!  Anyway, Let's enjoy life and spread happiness

xo, lalala