Birthday haul

I'm going to share my super late birthday haul tonight!  One reason is that most of them gave their presents late plus the crappy internet connection is playing hide and seek with me! Eek!  

Okayy! Let's start i'm excited! :peace:

Angel & Chelsea gave this purdy frame with Kian's photo in it! 
Trix my bestfriend gave this Top! Animal Print is L-O-V-E! 
Herp Derp! If you're following me on twitter, you'd prolly know that i did a lil' shopping during my birthday. I bought these Polo shirt x Cross Necklace x Owl Ring! 
As you can see i also did tassel necklace for myself! Yay or nay? Haha :uptum:
Funny because my friend saw these tassels from my lappy and she don't wanna believe that i made these! 

Hope you like it! The one up was inspired by Rhea's tassel and the second i tried my best to make it unique! 

A printed detachable collar and the colorful feather earing below from Rhea! I super love it! 

A brush from my tita  And the last but not the least is.... *drumrolls* TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
 MY 2012 PLANNER! OMG! I was so happy when i got this! It's from my sister! :uptum:
 As you open the planner you can see a page full of stickers! Who wouldn't love that? 
 There's also a page where you can note if you smile that day! Coolio isn't it?  
 If i'm not mistaken, in every page there's a random or inspirational quotes that will inspire you! 
 There's a unique designs each month! 
 There's also a page where you can jot down your daily expenses! A moolah tracker! 

It is very overwhelming and touching to know people remembered and took even a little time and effort to give a present and greet me! Thank you so much! It means a lot :) That's it! I'm done sharing my haul! Hope you didn't get bored! Until here guise. My head hurts 'cause of an emotional roller coaster!  CHAAAAR! 

Xo, lalala