Sharmaine rocks at 18


Nothing interesting happened today. I stayed at home all day. I did the laundry, fixed my boudoir and now I want to feed you, my readers!   Haha just kidding! Peace! :peace: By the way,  I hope you don't mind taking some of your time checking my blog. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks! 

As i said last night, I'm going to share to you some photos i took last Tuesday during work!  Now let me take you to another girl who rocks during her eighteenth! Meet her! ENJOY! :down: 

Sharmaine is her name! 
I love her goth-look guestbook! Havey sa akin! :uptum: Haha
These candles were surrounded around her cakes! 
A simple but glamour set up. 
The centerpieces that promise to be the center of attention at every table!
The candles beside the debutant's table added a little drama!

Candles at every table changes a nice mood. 
This was the table set up! I just love how i took it with the great ceiling style!
She wore these boots with her first attire! 
I doubt you didn't mind her cakes design was a witch hat!
 I really like her attitude 'cause she right away project every time she sees a camera! 
I want all debutant's to be like her! :uptum:
Front and side view of her first gown!
See how she project? Isn't it amazing?  :uptum: The debutant's with her father dear!
The things i do when i get bored during work! Taking random shots! 
I was amazed when she sang and all the confetti flew out. It turned like a snow! 
These are some of the people behind the debut. The debutant's gowns designer: Neri Jaruda. Good job! :uptum:
I'm ending my post with our group shot! I took it during the debutant's video presentation. Sorreh it's kinda blurr!  

So many thumbs up! If only i could put a thumbs up emoticon in every sentence i would! I'm just happy how my skills improve day by day. It's because of them!   So that's it! Happy weekend guise! 
Xo, lalala