Just a weekend chillout!

Good Evening!  Just a short and quick update tonight! Just a weekend chillout: As we all know, I celebrated my post birthday last last Friday and this is what i wore during that day!  Enjoy!
Last Friday Night!

Crissa Trail Blaizer | Thrifted Sequined Top | DIY Colored Shorts
Local Store Accessories
Five by five Strappy Wedges
  • Trail Blazer, Add polish to your favorite tee-and-shorts getup with a trail blazer perfect for summer and beyond.
  • Sequined Top, Add a little sparkle in your weekend Chillout!
  • Colored DIY Shorts, Go and rip your colored jeans! Colors really pop when contrasted against darker shades!
  • Connector Rings, These rings are a sure way to make a statement.
  • Strappy Wedges, Show off your gams and eclectic taste with one-of-a-kind footwear!

I'm done! Lotsa work to do!  Eek! Hope you like my so-effort post!  Goodnight, Bed Weather! Xo, lalala