DIY: Glitter Mania

Today everything went well! No PolSci class, Therefore early and long break for us!  The usual chatting with Angel and Rhea! Went to school for RS quiz then went home with Mae-Mae! Good times :uptum:

I'm inspired to DIY, So here we go let's start:


  • Old Newspapers
  • Glitters
  • Glue instead of Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush instead of foam brush
  • Pair of flats

  •  Brush a thin coat of the glue(Mod Podge) on to the flats.

  • Shake/pour out over the glued area.

  • Once it's thoroughly glittered, turn it over and tap it lightly to shake off the excess.

  •  then VOILA! You have a new pair of flats! Check some of my old flats too! :down:

Gold Brogues! 

two-toned sparkly flats! 

Sorry! I just experimented these pairs of flats! Some materials aren't available here so I used alternatives.  At least I have new pairs of flats now! :uptum: Happy kid! 

Hope y'll are enjoying your week! Always remember "a glittery pair of shoes gives any look a dressier feel." Xo, lalala