A wild prints transforms

Just a quick update guise! I'm not yet done replying to all of your comments  I'm going to share to you what I wore during our Ateneo Alumni last December! Updating my Lookbook now!  Hope you like how i mix and match this outfit! Enjoy! :down:

Celine Flats | Social Form Corset| Leopard Blazer  | Harem Pants
 | Satchel Bags | Accesorries all from Cianelle
Just so you know! If you just saw me and Rhea that night! haha 
Me with Mae! 
Excuse me for the funny face!  Party after! CHEERS! 
Goofing around Boulivard! 
Meet K 

By the way, Last night, Rhea the owner of Style Imprints announced that it has its own PR already! I got jealous because last December I usually checked my PR but it's always N/A!  So, from then on I got tired and didn't bother myself to check my PR! BUT last night, as I checked my PR, Google surprised me with this! :down:
I'm one of the happy kid in the world!  Guise maybe for you this is nothing but for me it's a big thing! Really! I wanna thank you for supporting www.lalalapatricia.info! Hope all is well! Keep safe everyone! Xo, lalala