Love love love ❤

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!  Most of us are celebrating a holiday of love today! Are you one of them? Did cupid hit your heart? Well, I hope so! 

 Today instead of blogging some Valentine stuff, I'm going to share my Valentine shoot! I planned to shoot outdoor with Mae. If you remember, I had my first indoor shoot with her too. Check it here. I wanna get out of the box, that's why I chose an outdoor shoot, though I got shy during the shoot 'cause people keep staring at us!  Anyway, I hope you like it! :peace:

Detachable Collar from Rhea 
Social Form Corset | Trousers from Mum
Thrifted Rings

This is my best shot for me! 

I hope you're all enjoying your Valentines with your love ones  Stay happy ad inlove! Xo, lalala