Today’s Quick Rant

I’m going to share our today’s agenda! Actually I should meet my researchmates awhile ago but unfortunately, I can’t because it’s a family day for us! So last night, I started doing the draft of our research. I hope I helped them in some ways. Moving on, I spent my day with the family.:down:

Kian met Bumbo. 

While waiting for the food, we ate OREO Star! Yum 
 Then we goofed outside the terrace!
Since I fell asleep last night, We watched again, “Big Mammas Boy”!
You must watch it, It’s a funny movie! 
We ate Ice cream for merienda. 
Then we watched Spongebob Squarepants.  
After that we ate again,  Potato Ratatouille.  It's a pigging out day with the family! 

 It’s getting dark, so we went home already. :uptum:
Surprisingly, when we reached home, I saw a new table set on our dining table!

Japanese Style Inspired! I like Mum and Achi's taste! 

Sorry for the low quality pictures. I didn’t bring my bulky camera with me  That’s it! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Tomorrow is another busy Monday! Gonna ready school things! Ciao, Xo, lalala