Surprise Mom!

How's your weekend everyone? As promised, I'm going to share to you tonight what happened to me yesterday! Let's start!
I surprised Mom with these sweets! :down:
I hope she was surprised and happy. :peace:

Mom treated me a Mani-Pedi! Pampering! :uptum:Thanks Mom! 
After we went to Kian's Pediatrician, we headed right away to Fort Pilar! We lit some candles and prayed! 
Dad, Mom with Kian! 
Me, K with Kian! 

Some shots i took inside the Fort Pilar! 
I bought some sweets with Dad's surprised cake for mom! Kyooot! Love is in the air! 
Again, Happy Birthday, Mum! I hope you enjoyed your day! We love you 

Until here guise! Gonna watch 'Big Mammas Boy' with K! Movie marathon on Saturday night!  Goodnight! Xo, lalala