My Stress Reliever

Honestly, I missed sharing my sets to you guys! As in! I'm sorry I haven't blog it yet the photos I promised to you guys.  My memory card is not yet here. But I got an event to attend tomorrow, I'm going to share that tomorrow night! :peace: What to wear in a Kiddie Party? Any suggestions? 

I'm busy these past few days. Loads of school and house craps!  How about you guise? What keeps you busy? What's your favorite stress reliever? Mine is usually chocolate. But any kind of food may do. :down:

Doughnuts and kruffins have been my bestfriend these past few days. They never fail tapping my back! Who don't love Krispy Kreme? NOT ME!  Did you try their kruffins? Krispy Kreme baked creations. They looked weird but very yummy. The price is ice too  How I wish we had Krispy Kreme Store here. Eek! So anyone could just grab their favorite doughnuts whenever their feeling blue! :uptum:

I'm calling it a day. I need to do school-related stuff. Enjoy your weekend! Ciao. Xo, lalala