Today’s Quick Quick Rant

Today is Tuesday! I'm pretty well compared yesterday!  Though I still experience tonsilitis. Eek.  Honestly, I'm not in the mood now. Ahhhhhhhh! Just don't ask me why. As much as possible no bad vibes here on my blog. 

Tonight I'm supposed to rant my today's agenda, which is....This morning while heading to school I told K i'm tired of schooling. I wanna work work and EARN!  I just absent myself for one day (Monday) and all of the sudden I thought of not going to school anymore. WHUT??  but as I went to my first class, we had a short quiz then discuss some lectures. Same as the second class in the afternoon. We took our quiz and class no more! WOAH! So, K and I decided to eat some pastil! YUMM! I was talking to K while he's driving home, I told him I got the mood to go to school again  You know girls? Mood Swing! 

Enough with that. I wanna share my ID from last Saturday's event but I don't want to make this post long anymore. So while checking my lookbook tonight. I saw one photo reached it's hundred hypes! Yey 2nd photo! Thanks everyone! :down:

Until here guise! I hope I could share the photos I took last Saturday's event tomorrow.   Goodnight! Ciao! Xo, lalala