A night to remember

Today's pretty fine. First class cancelled!  Why? It's for us, Ateneans to know and for you guise to find out!  Kidding! Haha Anyway, Gonna share some photos from the Promenade. Yey! Let's start! :down: 
 Tokens & Candles. 
 Interior design. 
 Where they lit their candles. 
Random shots! 
 Mini fountain! :uptum:
 I can say these are my top four girls that strikes me during the exchanging of tokens! Aren't they beautiful? 
Well, I'm just amazed with her gown! Sexaaay back! 
 The emcee and the teacher. 
 after, they performed by section 
Prince & Princess | King & Queen of the Night. 
 These three lovely girls read Rhea's blog and after I took photos of them with Rhea, they want to have a picture with me too. Can you see? I'm overjoyed! Haha SHY! 
 Wacky pose with the teachers!  Cute! Ma'am Osie is right there!
Hope you like it! By the way, Our research defense was postponed! Yay for that! WAIT! Did you notice? I changed my header and rearranged the gadgets. Say what? :peace: Til' my next post!  I need to do some school-related stuff now! Haha  Xo, lalala