Pamper Sunday

Just a quick quick post! So, I decided to share the prom photos some other time. Maybe tomorrow?  Bear with my mood swing guise.  My mood changes easily especially when I'm eager to blog about it but suddenly I can't blog for the reason of my SD card is not around. Sorry! :peace: 

Anyway, what's up Sunday? It's a pamper day for me. :down:

We usually pamper ourselves every Sunday! So for a change, I decided to let the Manicurist paint my fingernails Glaze Blue! As well as my toe nails too! 
After observing something for our research proposal with my research~mates awhile ago...
 K and I grabbed some Cornetto Ice Cream in the Pharmacy. 

We ate some Mango Float too! Yummy 

How about you guise? How's your Sunday going? Lotsa work to do! Research Defense tomorrow! Wish me luck!  Ciao. Xo, lalala