Valentine's Wishlist x Midnight Snacks

Today is a-very-productive-day for me! :uptum: I did the laundry, cleaned my boudoir, changed my bedsheets and etc. 

Before anything else i'm going to share to you mine and K's Valentine's Wishlist! :down:
Our Valentine's Wishlist
  • Varsity Jacket, It's the latest trend in fall outerwear! It's everywhere around the corner!
  • Ice Watch, I like the metallic shade of the watch, super eye catching! Plus it has amazing holder/box 
  • Sneakers, I just missed wearing this kind of shoes! So comfy!
We both want that for Valentine's but I doubt! I just want some lanterns on that day!  Anyhow,  I think Valentine's would be just like any ordinary day for me...nothing special. But Valentine's Day  is about all different kinds of love, not just romantic love. Gonna make this day extra-special by spoiling the people who shower me with unconditional love! 
The sweetest thing, be your own Valentine by this tasty treat: Pizza Bread  We had this last night's midnight snack! 
 Ingredients I used! 
 Sorting the ingredients.
 Preparing the bread but it would be better if it's toasted.
 Spread the tomato sauce over the bread. 
 Place your favorite toppings!
 Mozzarella cheese works great!
 Time to put inside the microwave for 2-3 minutes or until cheese melts.
 VOILA! Pizza bread is ready to savor! Nom nom nom! 
Hope i made your tummy full!  

I would like to thank Meggy! I got this pizza bread idea from her!  Anyway, enjoy your weekend! Xo, lalala