A wish come true

As i promised last night, I'm going to share some photos of the debut we covered last Monday! The debutant don't know anything about her debut because she back out in the middle of the getting-ready-part! Anyway, Let's get it started!:down:

 I really like Dichi's hairdo! :uptum:
Debutant's Cupcakes! Yummy! 
 The Centerpiece! 
 I heart this butterfly balloon! 
 The debutant celebrated her birthday during her father's birthday! Coolio! :uptum:
 Meet dichi and her little sister! They're one of the generous person i've ever met! 
 The debutant's blowing her cupcakes away! 
 Cute pose! 
This is my last shot for you guys! Hope you like it!  Happy weekend guise! Xo, lalala