The case of the devilish

 Another package received!  Feeling lucky uh? Despite the negative vibes, still positive vibes win! :uptum:I have waited for this moment since ages.  Overrrrrr! Joke. Good vibes all the way! 

 Well, pardon my photos I'm testing my remote using canon and tadaaah it worked! Why not working with my Nikon? ASDFGHJKL!  
 Closer look! I opted this Devilish Case instead of the Rabito! It's more purdy right? 
 A photo of me and a photo of him! :down:
One, two, three SMILE! 
Wait! Haven't told you where I got this purdy case! I got it from Ksays Store. Go visit them and enjoy their cases! Thanks also to  Finally I got this case already!  You like it? Anyway, I got work tomorrow! Gonna meet, witness and celebrates little ones graduation! For a change! I love kiddoo! Can't wait. :peace: Til' here guise. Xo, lalala