Pampered x Plaid Enterprises

Nothing special happened to me today but for my (C)elebs Family (Classmates), it's one of their tiring but epic day! Right? Haha CONGRATULATIONS VENIVICI! I'm so proud of you! Sniff sniff. :") 

Moving on... We pampered ourselves yesterday. Check it out! :down:
Ooops not my fingers! But I like the nail polish color. 

 I miss wearing nude colors. So I chose Touch of Tan! My all time favorite. 

Lookie! Yay or nay?  
SNEAK PEAK! The goodies I got from Plaid Enterprises!
A Silk Screen Stencil. 
Closer look!
Fabric Iron-On!
Simply Screen Paint 
and bunch of Dimensional Fabric Paint! :uptum:
You can check their products on Plaid Crafts (Facebook) | Plaid Online (Site)

These goodies were sent to me generously by Jill Jamison, the social media marketing manager of Plaid Enterprises. I've never expect anyone to email me and to sponsor any products but hey! It's one of the best goodies I received! Thanks Plaid Enterprises! It's my pleasure. Gonna create some projects for these soon~ish! 
For now lemme end this post 'cause got exam tomorrow! Last exam, last final push and I'm done! Adios! Xo, lalala