Color your world!

Okay okay I know I was supposed to post this yesterday but unfortunately the electricity sucks!  Anyway, my Saturday was a blast! Why? I received a new package from Plaid Enterprises (gonna review it soon) plus I spent my day with K chilling!  How about you guise? I hope you had fun too!

So, Lemme feed your eyes first with these colorful photos I got here.  Enjoy! :down:
Some of the centerpiece I took...
A hanging flowers! 
I just love this random shot! If you know what I mean. 
and this one too.
One of the debutant's shoes. 
Don't you love the candy colors inside the venue?  Kudos to the organizer!
Check the back of chairs. It's like a bunny tail! 
Roses for the 18 gentlemen. 
Her cake! :uptum:
Meet the Debutant! Tadaaaaaaah! 
I like her cocktail dress! Don't you?
Debutant's opening number! 
Her second attire! The flowers heightens the drama on her gown! Lovely. 
The Debutant's dancing with her father! Look how the flowers capture everyone's attention. 

Behind the scenes!
 Me with Mae posing for a snap while detailing. 
I'm wearing a tiny LOVE ring while Mae's wearing the big one. 
THIS! Me want one! 
A special cotton candy for us! 
Ending my pose with this. Who's behind the flower~y prop? Just so you know! 

Hope you enjoyed this set! :peace: Oh by the way, it's our finals this week. Wish me luck! and hey is almost 15000 hits! I just want to thank you for supporting my noob blog! Haha Ciao! Xo, lalala