Because i'm tired...

Hello guise! This is going to be a quick update because I'm dead tired from work!  Promise to post some photos tomorrow, No, I mean later!  So now, Imma share to you what I wore awhile ago. 

Since I was paranoid that I couldn't take some photos at work, I told my little cousin to take some shots of me at the terrace. Haha Girlscout!  Tadaaaaaaah :down:
But then I went to work early, So I got the chance to take some photos for my lookbook while we were detailing. :uptum:

Isn't it nice?  Haha Conceited much? 
Epic fail again! Haha
Don't mind my photos, overjoyed lang! 
Jones New York Printed Top & Lace Bottom from thrift store | Fold Sole Flats
Accesories from thrift store
Feather Earring from Rhea

Don't forget to hype if you like my simple get up! By the way, did you notice I'm wearing some lenses that was generously sponsored by Red Jhelli Shop? I doubt! If you won't stare in my eyes you won't notice at all 'cause the lenses looks natural. Just a sneak peak! Ta~ta! Shuteye  Xo, lalala