What's for Midnight Snack?

How's everyone? Pretty busy with school stuff I guess! I'm excited for my friends! They are graduating next week already! As early as now, I wanna congratulate you guise! Gonna miss you.   Goodluck!
Tonight's lemme share to you some midnight snack we ate these past few days. :down:
Jollibee Delivery!  This is one thing I love about deliveries. They deliver it to your doorstep! Just dial their number and order.  Stress Free.:uptum:

French Fries my love.
Catsup for the fries and burger. 
Eating while watching movies or surfing the net.  :peace:
Maggi Curry. Perfect for a rainy midnight! 
Pineapple Juice. 
But hey! This afternoon there's something in the mail that surprised me! A package from Red Jhelli Shop! It's applause of Mary Kay and a pair of lenses! Gonna do a review soon~ish! I got work tomorrow. New debutant to meet! 
 Til' here guise! Ta~ta! Xo, lalala