Something to nibble

How's your Tuesday going? It's my last day of class for the semester!  We just had a short quiz and our professor dismissed us right away! I headed home right away and my lazy brain cells won't let me go to school in the afternoon. But of course I still went to school for the last time. We waited and waited until we knew we got no class!  THE EFFORT! Haha 

Anyway, just a quick update. This one thing I love to nibble. :down:
Do you have any idea what's this? 

The boyfriend got me some Revel Bars! It's very delicious! He bought it at Mrs. Brown. They sell brownies, crinkles too and a lot more I think! Wow free advertising huh? Haha Kidding! :peace: I just can't help myself but blog about their Pastries! 

How about you? What's your one favorite something to nibble on? Til' my next post! Time to bloghop.  Goodnight and enjoy the rest of the week! Xo, lalala