Don't let the bad vibes get yah!

Well today was just another day and another graduation slash birthday party to attend. Honestly, I was hesitant to attend, don't ask me why.  But Angel slight forced me to attend with her, So I brought K and Kian with me!  As we arrived the venue, they were like? "We're so early. Blah blah"  Haha So to cut it short, Angel took my Lookbook Photos. :down:
Cianelle She's a Lacy Lady Top | Thrifted Pleated Skirt 
Thrifted Accessories
Janeo Wedges
Goofing around! 
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Time to introduce to you, QHARTINEE! 
Her mini stage. 
Meet QHARTINEE! A beautiful name like her. Agree? 
One of the table centerpiece. As you usual flowers! 
Here's another centerpiece, cupcakes and brownies?  
Her cake! 
With her name in it! 
A picture with her. 
With Angel too! 
Of course, our night wouldn't be complete without her photo with me! 
Meet Dyanne, Rhea's partner in crime! She's feeding Kian anything!  Haha
Meet my bestfriend Fenella carrying Kian.  I miss her to bits! 
Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein

So, let's call it a day! Always remember, God has a reason for everything! Don't let the bad vibes get yah! Adios! Xo, lalala