Friends are better than anything...

How are you friends? Bored? Then why not invite your girlfriends to your place and have some fun! Well, We just did that yesterday! Lemme share to you some of the photos.  Let's start with ze food we munched! :down:
For our merienda,  We had Saging Prito (Fried Banana). 
With Isaw and Kwek-kwek!  Yum!

Some of our curls! Mr. Chips. 
And our childhood curls, Cheez It! 
Guess what's this? It's for us to know and for you to find out! 
 A vontre sante! 
 Finally! Kian met his ninoang! 
 Look! They look good together! 
 Wally was goofing around with Kian! 
 Wally took this! 
At night, we decided to chill. So while K was watching the Blind Side, the rest of them watched 2 broke girls!     Coolio! Haha 
The Drama Couple of the night! 
The never ending drama couple! 
 But they're cute together right? 
 Meet the girls! 
 Take one! 
Take two! Hey Wally is there any difference with your first pose? Haha PEACE :peace:
 WITH ZE GANG! :uptum:
 Friends are better than anything... 

Until here guise! Imma do something related to work that is due tomorrow! Adios! Xo, lalala